Open New Car and Motorcycle Washing Business

to open a motorcycle or a car wash business hal2 pertama2 like this we have to consider are:
In every business requires any definite budget , sometimes agan2 who want to start a business take into account the first budget required to start a business that you select
Determine the location that you want , only when you select Optimistic in place will work. ( This is the instinct of the business ) and supply nose trimmer.
Wake up do not be too nice place and do well too bad , because if people are lazy kendatinya vehicle wash himself he would not be pilih2 , people who are just looking for a place closer to him.
important : make a place for loud machines that separate and somewhat enclosed Because of these factors that often cause noise and make customers reluctant to wash the place agan Because the sound is very disturbing , and would be a gift from the neighbors who feel annoyed ( to this point usually adjust the budget that has agan )
Do not need a new home is still proper to use , but if you have a large capital agan can buy a new one. complete all equipment such as steam engines , compressors , hoses , water tanks , etc.
It’s good as a new owner who will initiate this effort to understand first distinguished washing procedures , because this is who would you pass on to your employees later. the better the service who will be given the more people who will visit
For those of you who want to hire employees’ should select some serious ( do not need to be experienced because you will guide him later ) , it is usually a constraint that diusaha this field , the difficulty of finding employees who will be faithful to us later. suggestion : better give our candidates a place to stay ( Built from private land or contracting , boarding , etc. ). You can also eat their rations and perminggunya tips to make them more vibrant. Most of these workers tend to get bored quickly , to give it to them so that their entertainment more enjoy wrestle job.
Create new info about the business that you built this , no need to spend dalam2 to make informed that luxury. can take an alternative but not through the printed brochure printing , but through typing that you created and then you print your copy of the number that many , printed with colored paper to make it more interesting. Create a Banner also distinguished enough to mark the location of any place of business , do not just 1 but banyak2 banner is clearly visible.
Give satisfactory service to your customers , remember that the business we’re in. This is to offer services , so make the service you created.
Can you make the initial opening price which is cheaper than other tempat2 or give bonuses or hal2 not make any customer sets the scene which he has chosen ( your place )
Make that clear bookkeeping and sharing process and to explain the results of your For your employees. depending on which system you choose, like profit sharing or pay per month ? ? Monitor your employees , if there is less than a performance that you can be advised , or if it is a rapidly growing business you will be able to recruit one employee to set the income and expenses of your system later.
Record more detailed business expenses and your monthly income is a profit or loss ? this could be a consideration for your next month2 , then set yourself what things you will do next , because you ‘ve learned from previous experiences.